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Terms & Conditions


1.) Qualifying Person



The Competitions are open to all persons aged 18 and over except the WAYL employees or members of their immediate family, agents or any other person who is connected with the creation or administration of our Competitions.


2.) Legal Undertaking



By entering a Competition the entrant ('Entrant', 'you', 'your(s)') will be deemed to have legal capacity to do so, you will have read and understood these terms and conditions and you will be bound by them and by any other requirements set out in any related promotional material.


3.) Competition Entry



The Competition may be entered online via the Website, WAYL app.


3.2) Your WAYL Account(s)

In order to enter a Competition, you will need to register an account with us. You can register an account in three ways: either online at or on WAYL app.

  • To register an account you will be asked to provide an email address or sign in via a social media account.
  • Your email address or social media account will be the username that you use to log in to your account. Each account can only have one username attributed to it at any given time. Therefore, you cannot attribute multiple email addresses, or social media accounts to your WAYL Account. If you create multiple account using different email addresses or social media accounts, each username will be treated as a separate WAYL Account.


3.3) Game Play

  • Choose the product(s) you wish to win and purchase your game ('entr(y)(ies)') and play "Spot the Ball" Challenge. For each "game entry" that you have purchased, you will need to complete a Spot the Ball challenge onscreen, which shall operate as follows:
  • You will be shown a sporting photograph which will not contain a ball.
  • Using all the information shown in the sporting photograph displayed on the screen use your skill and judgement to correctly identify the coordination which you consider the Judge will decide, is the most likely position for the centre of the ball if one had been present in the image.
  • Click on the screen to mark this spot (you can see your spot's coordinates on the screen). The computer or mobile device will register this spot as your entry into the Competition.
  • You may repeat the process for the Spot the Ball Challenge for as many entries as you wish to make.
  • When you are ready to purchase your (entr(y)(ies)), provide your contact and payment details. You will need to check your details carefully and tick the declaration at checkout, confirming you have read and understood the Competition terms and conditions
  • Once your payment has cleared we will email you to confirm your entry into the Competition. Please note that when entering online you will not be deemed entered into the Competition until we confirm your (entr(y)(ies)), order back to you by email.
  • The Promoter reserves the right to refuse or disqualify any incomplete Entries if it has reasonable grounds for believing that an Entrant has contravened any of these terms and conditions.
  • To the extent permitted by applicable law, all Entries become our property and will not be returned.


4) Promotion Period



Each Competition will run for a specified period. Please see each Competition for details of start and end times and dates ('Promotion Period(s)').


5) Competition Judgement


The position of the centre of the ball will be determined after the close of the Competition by an independent Panel of Judges and a representative from the Promoter. In certain cases and at the discretion of the Promoter, the position of the Judge's Position may be determined by the Judge before the Competition starts, and will immediately be encrypted and stored securely on our database.

Within 72 hours of the end of the respective Competition, the Judge's Position will be computed against the database of coordinates to mathematically calculate which of the valid and eligible Entries received by the Promoter is closest to the Judge's Position, and therefore the winning Entrant of the prize. The Winner will be the person who correctly identifies, or if no one is correct, who is closest to, the Judge's Position.

In the event that there are two or more Entrants with valid and eligible Entries that are equally close to or exactly match the Judge's Position, following procedure will come to action to determine to the competition winner.

There can only be one winner. If a case arises where two or more players are equally close to the judges position in a competition, the winner will be determined by calculating the next closest entry of the players in question. The person with the closest second "entry" is the outright winner. If any player in this scenario has only one entry, all players that qualify will play in another Spot the Ball competition online to determine the outright winner. All other players in this scenario will receive Rs 10000. 


6) Winner's Detail



The Winner will be required to send a copy of Identity Card to the Promoter to confirm their identity, age and also to prove that if the purchase was made by credit card that the card was legally theirs or that they had authorisation to use it, before any prize will be paid or delivered. Any failure to meet these obligations may result in the Winner being disqualified and the Promoter choosing an alternate winner.



All Winners will also be required to provide photographs and/or pose for photographs and videos, which may be used in future marketing and public relations by the Promoter in connection with the Competition and in identifying them as a winner of a Competition.



Surprise Contact Details: On your account page you have the option to add the contact details of an individual who we can contact to help arrange with the surprise if you are a Winner. We will categorically not share or pass these details on to any third party but in adding them you are confirming that you have the consent from the person to pass these details to WAYL.


7) Competition Prizes



The Competition is comprised of many different products under different categories.  For the avoidance of doubt, there will be only one prize awarded for each Competition and not one per categories or product listed.



During the course of the Competition, if due to circumstances beyond the Promoter's control, the Promoter is unable to provide the stated Prize, the Promoter reserves the right to award a selection of products which has equal or greater value



The Competition Credit Prizes:  Additional Competition Prizes will be won in the form of competition Credit, for each ticket that is close to the Judge’s Position (excluding the First Prize Winner). The Competition Credit is won in proportion to the actual cost of each entry, calculated at the time of purchase. Entries in Zone A are awarded at 15% of the entry price paid. Entries in Zone B are awarded at 10% of the entry price paid. Entries in Zone C are awarded at 5% of the entry price paid. The Competition Credit may only be used to purchase the Competition Entries. The Competition Credit has an expiry date which is set at the discretion of the Promoter.


8) Loyalty Club



The Promoter operates a Loyalty Club to reward competition entrants for their loyalty. Tiers are updated last day of each month. Qualification for tiers is based on the amount of money you spend on the Competition excludes any competition Credit or other discounts within a standard month. Benefits apply at the start of the following month. You can see your Loyalty Club Status on my profile page.



Loyalty Club memberships has 3 tiers which has unique benefits and requirements.

lub tiers Requirements Benefits
Silver Spend minimum of Rs 1000 within a standard month

1 free "entry"  per month

Rs 50 credit on Bonanza competition*

Gold Spend minimum of Rs 2000 within a standard month

2 free "entries" per month

Rs 75 credit on Bonanza competition*

Platinum Spend minimum of Rs 4000 within a standard month

1 free "entry" per week

Rs 100 credit on Bonanza competition*

 Bonanza competition*= A competition which has prizes value over Rs 1,000,000/=


9) Winners' Personal data



Acceptance of the prize by the Winner will mean they are required to have their photo and video taken by the Promoter for promotional purposes (Public Relations and Marketing), both immediately after their win and in the future for use in accordance with rule 6.2, unless prohibited by law.



By entering a Competition, you agree to the use of your name, home town name, and/or photograph or other likeness, as well as your appearance at publicity events without any additional compensation ( reasonable travel expenses will paid) and as required by the Promoter if you are declared a Winner.



10) Electronic Communication



No responsibility will be accepted for failed, partial or garbled computer transmissions, for any computer, telephone, cable, network, electronic or internet hardware or software malfunctions, failures, connections, availability, for the acts or omissions of any service provider, internet accessibility or availability or for traffic congestion or unauthorised human act, including any errors or mistakes. The Promoter shall use its best endeavours to award the prize for a Competition to the correct Entrant. If due to reasons of hardware, software or other computer related failure or due to human error the prize is awarded incorrectly, the Promoter reserves the right to reclaim the Competition prize and award it to the correct Entrant, at its sole discretion and without admission of liability.



In the event that the Promoter closes a Competition early, the Winner will be selected from all valid and eligible Entries received by the Promoter prior to the date of closure, except that the Promoter reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to close a Competition early without selecting a Winner. In the event that a Competition is closed without selecting a Winner, the Promoter will give all entrants competition Credit to enable them to replay equivalent tickets in a subsequent competition. The Promoter also reserves the right at its sole discretion to extend the closing date of any Competition.



The Promoter shall not be liable for any economic or other consequential loss suffered or sustained to any persons to whom an award has been incorrectly made, and no compensation shall be due. The Promoter shall use its best endeavours to ensure that the software and website(s) used to operate its Competitions perform correctly and accurately across the latest versions of popular internet, tablet and mobile browsers. For the avoidance of doubt, only the ticket coordinates recorded in our systems, howsoever displayed or calculated, shall be entered into the relevant Competition and the Promoter shall not be held liable for any competition entries that occur as a result of malfunctioning software or other event. Competition coordinates may be checked at any time by accessing your account at


11) Limits of liability



The Promoter will offer original and unused prizes which come with a manufacturer warranty. But the promoter makes no representations or warranties as to the quality/suitability of any of the goods or services offered as prizes. The Promoter shall not be liable for any loss suffered or sustained to person or property including, but not limited to, consequential (including economic) loss by reason of any act or omission by the Promoter, or its servants or agents, in connection with the arrangement for supply, or the supply, of any goods by any person to the prize Winner(s) and, where applicable, to any family/persons accompanying the Winner(s), or in connection with any of the Competitions promoted by the Promoter


12.) Promoter


Mabarana Group (pvt) Ltd,

67/3, Jaya Road, Udahamulla, Nugegoda.

Tel: web:

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